At Fundiciones Araba we work with a single aim in mind, i.e., to satisfy the needs of our clients by offering them a flexible, top-quality service in all our products.

To do this, we guarantee the manufacture of cast aluminium parts and components from primary aluminium in accordance with international standards. The alloys we normally use in accordance with the demand from our customers are L-2630, L-2520, L-2560 and L-2653.

Quality is our raison d’être and for this reason we monitor parts on a continuous basis throughout the manufacturing process by controlling smelting temperatures, the performance of gas control tests using a vacuum and pressure chamber, hardness control tests, mechanical tensile tests on parts, technical composition control through the use of spectrometers, etc. We have our own laboratory in which we undertake the necessary validation tests. In this way, our technical personnel subject all the parts we produce using gravity die aluminium casting methods to a verification process that affects not only the way parts are manufactured but also their composition and finish, to ensure that our products comply with all quality assurance and environmental requirements before delivery to the client.

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