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At Fundiciones Araba, we work with only one aim in mind: to satisfy the needs of our clients by offering them a flexible, top-quality service throughout our product range.

In order to do this, we guarantee all the cast aluminium parts and components we manufacture in accordance with current safety standards and quality management systems. Each and every one of the stages in the manufacturing process is monitored and subjected to exhaustive controls and checks.

Casting processes

We adapt our methods and work loads to the specific requirements of our production systems in order to ensure adequate finishes and reduced delivery times.

We have the necessary capacity to undertake several different casting technologies (green sand moulding, chemical sand moulding and gravity die casting) in accordance with our clients’ requirements. We offer all our clients every stage of the manufacturing process, from initial advice, drawings, tooling and prototypes to the final delivery, checks and acceptance of aluminium parts with all types of finishes and with weights ranging from 100 g to 1000 kg.


Our capacity to tackle different kinds of foundry processes and finishes allows us to offer solutions adapted to a wide range of activities and sectors.

Currently, we produce custom made aluminium parts and components for machine tools, agricultural machinery and electronic equipment, machinery for the catering industry, moulds for thermoforming plastics, moulds for pressing wood, the naval sector, the railways, building and mining, ventilation equipment, pneumatic cylinders, pistons and housings, electrical switchgear, high voltage electrical installations, street furniture, etc.

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